Great atmosphere, Great selection, Great staff. I can't say enough about how great Off-Center Records is. The staffs' always happy to help you look for the album or artist you're looking for or even just talk about music and suggest different albums and artists. It's he best place to go to find Records and other musical collectibles. I recommend going and checking out what they have.


I have been there a few times now but I went today and just like every time was treated with nothing but respect, I walked in and was asked if I needed help with anything, when I'd ask questions I would be helped in every way possible! I left today with a big smile on my face and a few new records for my collection! I'm definitely coming back!


The joint is dope! Only record store I go for samples. Got the old school look.

Daniel R

Off-Center Records and Collectibles has one of the most impressive selections of vinyl that I've found at one location. With three floors and countless rows of records, Off-Center is not just impressive by the area's standards, but well beyond that. The store's selection of progressive and psychedelic rock is unmatched with scores of hard to find or out of print titles. If you're even remotely interested in jazz, there is an entire floor devoted to the genre. You may want to clear your schedule for the day, because I'm not talking about a couple boxes of jazz records, but a few dozen long rows, literally thousands of titles. And don't worry about breaking your back combing through boxes of disorganized vinyl. The entire library at Off-Center is meticulously organized, leading to a pretty easy browsing experience.
I found the owner to be an exceptionally cool guy with a deep knowledge and appreciation for all music.The prices on vinyl were a bit high, but not insanely so. If you want a dollar bin shopping experience, there are plenty of places for you to go. If you are a collector or a person that authentically loves music, Off-Center Records is well worth your time.

Michael C.

A very nice record store, has a decent variety of artists. A lot of influence stemming from 50's-80's rock and roll/pop. As a Springsteen fan, I'm always searching for those elusive early rock and roll albums like The River, Darkness, and Born in the USA. This is a great place to start if you're looking to start a record collection of your own, as I am.

Ren J.

This store came highly recommended for its' vintage collection of records.

Kyle R.

Great selection, the dude who runs it is awesome knows all kinds of music trivia, history ect.

Joe S.

Amazing place! Would take you hours to see everything. Will definitely be back in the future. Very easy to find, nice owner, one of a kind record store.

Kelly M.

Off Center Records has 3 floors of music in every genre. Whether you want it in vinyl, cd, and even cassette tapes!! They have music related merchandise as well, t-shirts, books, and various other things to collect. They have guitars, etc... for the musician too. You can literally spend hours in there and not see everything!!

Ronnie D.

The Wax Museum loves Off Center Records! great selection, excellent product knowledge and John and Mary are dynamite people! Can't say enough good things about OCR! And the 25 cent 45 wall!

Morgan D.

First time going here today and it was AMAZING!!! Absolutely worth the stop, records of all kinds, sweet collectibles and so much more. Will definitely be back!!!

Sam K.

The basement floor is an absolute goldmine!!! I'll be back

Kim E.

Amazing experience! Could've walked out with the whole store.

They are always so helpful and have a large selection of music. Thanks again for making our week with Phish's limited edition Junta